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Welcome to the Foundation Genetics website! Stay a while and check out the latest information we present for your review. Please come back and visit our website often. You can also visit us at FG FacebookPlease check out the information and pictures on our current and active sire line up list. Our dairy sire line up consists of sires from Foundation Genetics, and from our affiliated companies Browndale Specialty Sires and Taurus Service.

Precision Genetics - Cow Families and Genomics Combined

Foundation’s focus is on strong cow families and bull mothers that produce milk and components and reproduce exceptional offspring. And with the use of genomic information, used as a management tool, in our selection process of selecting young genomic sires that are sired by today’s top A.I. sires and backed by strong cow families, we feel our young genomic sires combine a balance of cow families and genomics. These genomic sires are your genetic opportunity.

Semen Fertility

Foundation Genetics is proud of the high conception rates breeders have achieved in using our sires. When you are sourcing high fertility sires that also combine high production and components, health and fitness traits, and superb conformation and functional type traits, please check out our sire line up!

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Oxy-Gen® Original

Oxy-Gen helps get your animals into top show or sale condition. The original Oxy-Gen formula contains Octacosanol which is a compound primarily found in wheat germ that is used to improve respiratory function which in turn increases stamina and helps build muscle mass.  Formulated specifically for palatability, pellet quality and performance. Oxy-Gen helps get your animals into top show or sale condition.

Oxy-Gen is hand screened to remove all of the dust so that it will not contribute to respiratory problem associated with other dusty feed stuffs. This product does not contain high levels of vitamins and/or minerals, therefore, Oxy-Gen will not interfere or tie up important nutrients in the diet that are being supplied from your high quality feed being fed to your animal.