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Bamboo As A Textile

Textiles have several origins and range from natural to man-made. Over the ages, the kind and popularity of textiles have always kept changing due to various upcoming trends and demands pertaining to that period of time.

Today along with various natural and synthetic textiles, the latest textile on the block is the bamboo textile. Historic references to the fabric go back to the times when it was used as bustles and as ribs of corsets, but with advancing technology the fiber has really caught on and is now being used in a variety of ways. Currently, in modern terminology, bamboo fiber is more colloquially referred to as rayon. It can also be blended to be used along with other fibers like hemp and spandex for more versatility. Popular fabrics are made from 100% rayon and cotton.

How does bamboo become rayon?

Everyone knows that bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the universe in can sometimes even grow up to 3-4 feet in a day. It is a completely organic plant and does not need any pesticides or fertilizers to speed up or enhance its growth.

Bamboo stems or stalks are made up of bastfibers which can be processed to make stiff and rough textiles like hemp and flax, It can however also be made as soft as silk in the form of rayon fibers, Rayon is nothing but regenerated cellulose,which is a natural fiberwhich is made using a chemical process. That is why bamboo rayon is such a soft and smooth fabric.

Using bamboo linen made from bamboo rayon and cotton has been found to benefit a lot of people who had been suffering from various allergic and respiratory issues. Ever since they started using bamboo products they have felt a marked difference is their overall health and are feeling much relieved too.


How Saliva Drug Test Works

Employment is important in everybody’s life. Most of the people prepare themselves for the interview to be attended and they take the interview with their full confidence about their knowledge. The interview may have lot of rounds and one may clear the rounds that involve the knowledge. Do you know where some people get struck even after clearing the interview? It’s the drug test.

A variety of companies makes sure that their employees are not addicted to drugs. Such companies have strict rules on when their employees must be tested for drugs. Some of them include their drug test during their recruitment process and some companies have their employees tested for illegal drugs randomly.

So, if you need a saliva drug test go here. Before that, understand a bit about saliva drug test. The saliva test kit consists of a saliva collector. The saliva can be collected in it during any time of the day. But, one must not place anything in the mouth such as alcohol, drinks or anything for 10 minutes prior to the testing.

The saliva collector is placed in the mouth for at least 3 minutes for the sponge of the collector to get saturated. Once the sponge is saturated, insert it into the test device. After a few minutes, the result of the sample can be read.

The result of the sample can be understood as per the description specified in the kit. If a single line appears near the drug abbreviation, then it is negative, if no line appears then the result is positive. At times there is a need to retest the saliva if the control line does not appear at all.

Drugs are illegal. Do not get addicted to it and lose your life in it. Beware that your employers may test you for drugs at any time. So, say no to drugs.

Basket Ball Shoes For Wide Feet

Are you a keen basket ball player? Blessed with a good height and broad feet? Though it may seem like a nature’s gift, finding shoes for those feet can be quite a challenge.

When you look for shoes to use while playing basket ball, they need not only be a good brand but should be of very high quality too. Apart from these two factors, the cushion effect, traction and foot support are also important for any shoe.

When a shoe doesn’t fit you because your foot is too broad for it, the practical solution would be to go in for the next size, so that there is more space to accommodate your broad foot. But, in this process, you are going in for a shoe size that will create a gap between the shoe ending and your toe. This will give enough space for your foot to slip when you are playing. As a result, you will lose traction and can slip and even fall.

The arch support for the foot is also compromised upon when you go in for a size bigger. The only solution to this problem is finding a shoe that is specifically designed for broad feet. You can search around for the best basketball shoes for wide feet but you will be rewarded with a few results only. This is because there are not many models available for broad feet.

Choose Wisely

When you do find the limited models that do suit your broad feet, ensure you try them on to ensure they do fit you well. Though these shoes are specifically designed for broad feet, not all of them will be spacious enough.

Apart from seeing the fit, check the comfort of the shoe and the support it offers too. These are very important to ensure you don’t slip and fall or suffer any injuries to your feet.

Go Natural And Be Natural

Are you experiencing a bad turn in your sex life? Is your spouse happy and satisfied with your performance? Are you able to give her the fullest? Or are you interested at all in sex life? These are some very common questions that are posted to a person who comes with a complaint of a bad sex life. One major reason for the loss of interest or poor performance on the bed could be the decreasing levels of testosterone in the body. This is considered one of the major hormones inducing interest and the urge for being together. So if you are down in this then you are automatically bad at your performance. How can you set this right? Get a natural booster; they are very useful and helpful and most importantly void of side-effects. Let`s take a look at some of the natural boosters of this hormone in the body.

  • Tribulus Terrestris – sounding like some French or Spanish name? No, it is not but is a herb that has been found to be most beneficial in improving the sexual life of a person. research says that 6g of this plant for 60 days would increase the testosterone levels in the body thereby improving and enhancing the sex interest.
  • Ginger – generally this is served camouflaging its shape and form and that too in small quantities but their merits are fabulous than you have ever heard of. Ginger is generally considered a very good medicine for all types of simple bodily problems and with sex, it really works magically. Studies say that ginger can quantifiably improve and increase the testosterone levels and semen quality in infertile men and make them stronger and confident on the bed.
  • Fenugreek – another very important and must in the plates of all not just for betterment in sex life but for the overall good of the body.

Glasgow – A Spot For Hair Loss Treatments In Particular

With numbers of people suffering from hair loss problems increasing day-by-day, the number of clinics that treat people with such problem is also increasing drastically. Doctors quote a number of reasons for this very common problem among the people of the present day world. Every 1 in 100 persons is bald or is suffering from hair loss problems. Pollution is one major reason for this trouble and also the changing climatic conditions. Of course, there are many natural remedies that can restore the situation back to normal but they are time taking and sometimes even annoying too. In this fast moving world, people want everything to be done very fast and they expect the results to happen very fast and quick.

Hair transplantation is a process like this that can happen at any time and is a very famous treatment for hair related problems in Glasgow. There are many special clinics these days that have professionals dealing with problems of such sort. There are also some hair care specialists who extend help in advising people with what would be appropriate as a solution. Though we have many natural and easy –to- cure methods, many people prefer to go for the hair transplantation treatment for they can happen immediately but the hitch here is that they are a little higher on the cost side.

FUE is one very common and famous method of treating this hair loss and baldness problem. Hair loss is a much better condition than baldness and the solutions to treat this hair loss are also many. Patient would be at freedom to follow and adhere to any of these whereas a person with baldness problem will have to go for hair transplantation for this is the only solution. So he can either agree to go for completely artificial hair or agree to receive it from somebody who is ready to donate it.

Make Your Salon The Crowd Favorite

Almost every woman and today most of the men find visiting a salon to be a great experience. Earlier, this visit for pampering was solely reserved for the women folk and the men who were broad minded enough to visit a salon for services other than a haircut or a shave were laughed up on. But today, you will see most of the salons are unisex and have a variety of services to choose from, for both men and women.

Do you own a beauty salon? If you want your customers to claim “this is my favorite beauty salon” you need to ensure each and every visit of each client of yours, is pleasant. When people feel pampered and relaxed, they will come again. Eventually it becomes their favorite salon and by word of mouth, your salon becomes one of the best in the neighborhood.

Here are a few tips to help your salon become the best:

Personal Care

A salon is a place visited by people to get pampered and well taken care of. Ensure you offer personal care by having one dedicated to a customer. If the customer wants more than one specialized service, which is not generally done by all your staff, explain to them about who will be doing which service. This will put them at ease as they will be mentally prepared to be handled by more than one person.

Well Trained Staff

More than the service or the products itself, what customers are impressed with and remember most are the people who perform the services. Ensure your staff are well trained and are on top of their game. You wouldn’t want a amateur handling the hair cut for one of your oldest customers, who also has very specific requests

Good Products

Products are available at various price ranges in the market. one can get similar products for different prices. This does not mean you can use the lower cost products and charge the same rates as the salon across the road, which uses only high end products.

Do your research and select the products carefully and price the services accordingly, so that customers feel they get the value for their money and only good products are used on them.

How To Find A Good Back Scratcher

Any item that is for personal use has to be chosen carefully, else it could cause adverse reactions, for example, a back scratcher is just a simple item but it is important to buy a good one as it could cause further irritation or burns. Having a healthy back is also important.

Here is a list of points that has to be noted while finding a good back scratcher in 2017.

Durability: There are also scratchers in the market which breaks easily. The arms may be such that it breaks easily even in the first scratch. So, try to find one that is slightly flexible when you itch but make sure that it does not bend so much as the reason for purchase will completely be lost.

Size: The size of body scratcher comes in various sizes. Some are long; some are short. There are also scratchers that can be adjustable to the desired height.

Material: Materials of the body scratcher also varies. It comes in plastic, wood, metal, light metal and so on. Initially, the scratcher was very plain. Now, it comes with various designer holders to give an additional look to your scratcher.

Handy:  The use of body scratcher is not only at home, it may also be needed when you are out of your home. In such cases, it is not possible to carry along a very long body scratcher. The body scratcher must be such that it fits well in your handbags or in your pant pocket. An adjustable body scratcher is more suitable for your travel.

Blunt: Remember that the body scratcher is only to scratch over your itchy area and not to damage your body parts. So, make sure that the end of the body scratcher, in other words, the arm of the body scratcher is not so sharp. It is better to have it blunt.

So, take care of the above points and purchase the best one to ensure that you maintain a healthy back despite your itchiness.

Congenital Disorders Of The Esophagus

Esophagus (food pipe or gullet) is a tubular organ in the alimentary canal or Gastrointestinal tract through which food passes with the help of peristaltic movement of its muscle fibers. The tube’s upper end follows the foregut and it empties the food into the stomach.

The structure and functioning of the esophagus may be affected by various factors like gastric reflux, cancer, bleeding of blood vessels, mucosal tears, muscular constrictions and motility disorders acid damage to the stomach. These conditions may either be a birth defect (congenital) or acquired later with or without symptoms.

Congenital disorders

Certain esophageal abnormalities are present by birth such as atresia, fistulas, stenosis, webs, cysts, congenital muscular hypertrophy, lesions etc, frequency stated as 1 in 3000-5000 births.

Esophageal atresia is among the most common congenital diseases of the GI tract caused by abnormal development at the embryological stage, in which the esophagus ends in a blind-ended pouch instead of connecting to the stomach. In anatomical terms, a congenital obstruction of esophagus occurs which breaks the continuity of its wall. Symptom?

Esophageal webs are characterized by 2-3mm thin membranes of the esophageal tissue occurring along the esophagus partially obstructing it. The webs consist of mucosa and submucosa and are more common in the middle and inferior third of the tube. In most cases, webs are circumferential with either a central or an eccentric orifice. The main symptoms of webs are a thoracic pain, problems with swallowing food, nasopharyngeal reflux, aspiration, and in rare cases, perforation and food impaction.

The third disorder associated with the food pipe is Killian–Jamieson diverticulum in which an anterolateral outpouching, usually less than 1.5 cm occurs just below the upper esophageal sphincter. The disorder occurs as a result of congenital weakness in the area just below the cricopharyngeal muscle of the cervical region of the esophagus. It is more commonly seen in elderly patients and is generally asymptomatic.

In Schatzki ring disorder, the lower part of the esophagus narrows down causing difficulty in swallowing food, known as dysphasia. The narrowing is caused by a ring of mucosal tissue called the Schatzki ring lining the esophagus or muscular tissue.

Treatment in infants

The current method for repairing esophageal defects in infants is the minimally invasive technology of thoracoscopy. Medical advances in the methods of robotic-assisted surgery, esophageal replacement with tissue engineering, and in the utero intervention are expected to develop in the coming years. The success of such techniques also depends on the improvement in conditions like low birth weight, prenatal detection of the disorders and effective counseling.

Options to Consider for Addiction Treatment

People believe that all the facilities that offer Alcohol Detox treatment are the same. But if we take a further look inside, it is not so. When we consider a facility, it should be the right choice and should provide proper treatment to the kind of addiction one faces. It does not matter what kind of facility we choose as long as the result is good.

When we discuss the treatment, there are three types:

Government Funded Treatments

Some treatment programs and rehab centers are funded by the Government. The local, state and the federal Government come together to fund these programs for the welfare of the public. As Governments back the treatment programs, it will change the way the rehab centers work as a whole.

Private Treatment

Private treatments are often the preferred type of treatment when people consider quitting drinking habit. These programs and the facilities that offer these programs can be contacted directly for information on their treatment and services. Payment to these facilities can be done through either health insurance or self-pay. This type of treatment ensures a greater level of care throughout the rehabilitation process. But the cost of these treatments is much higher than the other two options.

Non-Profit Treatment

Non-Profit treatment aims at helping others in leading a healthy life than earning a profit. Though they are not the same as Non-profit organizations, their goals are similar. Non-profit treatment relies more on funds from outside like donations and grants. Hence, the cost of a non-profit treatment is very cheap. But there are only a few facilities in the nearby areas and thus, finding the right one for you is a bit difficult.

As Florida has many cases of alcohol abuse, it also has many detox centers and rehabs. The south Florida Alcohol detox rehabs are numerous and offer treatments at low cost to many people. But not all the rehabs are effective. Hence, try to connect with the best rehab that helps you to get back to the road to recovery.

Training With A Weighted Vest- What You Need To Know

A weighted vest is just what it sounds like. It is a well fitted heavy vest worn around the upper body, available in different weights offering varying challenges for strength training. Since they are versatile and serve the purpose of a weighted bar, they work very well for a broad range of exercises such as Burpees, sit-ups, pull-ups, push-ups, jumping rope, squats and so on. Considering the benefits, a weighted vest is one of the most popular vests today in the fitness industry.

Before you jump up and buy one, there are a few considerations:

Your fitness level: The level of fitness is key and you need to be realistic about it. Buying a vest such as this will require a certain level of fitness. Whether you are ready will be determined by your CrossFit regimen and how well you are able to complete it. Some questions you will have to ask yourself

  • Are you able to complete it without a break?
  • What is your condition a day after a workout? Do you typically rest?
  • Do you struggle with the exercises during the WOD (workout of the Day) in relation to the scale and movements?

The weight you want to add: You must seriously consider the weight of the vest. Taking the 5lbs weighted vest will add quite a significant challenge to your existing workout, check huge collection of weighted wristbands. If you plan to run or use it for MURPH, the impact on your body will be much greater.

Having said that, you should know that the weighted vests provide quite a few advantages and can seriously improve your fitness level.

  1. It improves endurance and strength drastically. Carrying an additional weight and doing cardio, improves your oxygen intake and building muscle strength.
  2. If you have been exercising for a long time, your body gets used to the level of activity quickly. By adding weights to your workout, you are not only getting the cardiovascular benefits but adding a variation to your workouts.