Basket Ball Shoes For Wide Feet

Are you a keen basket ball player? Blessed with a good height and broad feet? Though it may seem like a nature’s gift, finding shoes for those feet can be quite a challenge.

When you look for shoes to use while playing basket ball, they need not only be a good brand but should be of very high quality too. Apart from these two factors, the cushion effect, traction and foot support are also important for any shoe.

When a shoe doesn’t fit you because your foot is too broad for it, the practical solution would be to go in for the next size, so that there is more space to accommodate your broad foot. But, in this process, you are going in for a shoe size that will create a gap between the shoe ending and your toe. This will give enough space for your foot to slip when you are playing. As a result, you will lose traction and can slip and even fall.

The arch support for the foot is also compromised upon when you go in for a size bigger. The only solution to this problem is finding a shoe that is specifically designed for broad feet. You can search around for the best basketball shoes for wide feet but you will be rewarded with a few results only. This is because there are not many models available for broad feet.

Choose Wisely

When you do find the limited models that do suit your broad feet, ensure you try them on to ensure they do fit you well. Though these shoes are specifically designed for broad feet, not all of them will be spacious enough.

Apart from seeing the fit, check the comfort of the shoe and the support it offers too. These are very important to ensure you don’t slip and fall or suffer any injuries to your feet.