How to tell if you’re Daily Exercise Is Working?

When you are exercising, you may feel you are giving it your best and also exert yourself too much. But is it working out for you? Are your efforts paying off? When you are at a gym or some fitness class, you will have the trainers to spot you and tell you if the exercise you are doing is effective or if you will have to change it up.

But what happens when you are home? When you are working out at home, there is no one to push you, spot you or guide you. You can never be too sure if your work out is paying off either. Here are some ways to ensure your daily regime is paying off:

Use any equipment or two on a regular basis. Since, it is not a free hand workout, your body will be required to put in some extra effort and when this is done consistently, it will start showing. This is what gymnastic bar I use to stay fit, it makes my body move in a number of ways and hence various groups of muscles have to be used. When different groups are used at different angles, the body has variety and hence starts showing results.

When you do the same movement over and again, the body gets used to it and that work out will not have an effect on your body anymore. This is why one has to have a variety and keep changing their work out routine often.

So how can you tell if your daily exercise is working?

Check your weight on a weekly basis to see if you have lost or gained a few pounds. When you start building muscles, you will gain a few pounds; hence don’t assume you have not lost any weight despite all the weight training.

Check your body measurements every fortnightly to see if there is a change. If your problem areas come down in size and muscles go up. The exercise you are doing at home is paying off.