Misyar Marriage In Saudi Arabia

The status of this kind of marriage in the kingdom:

If you would ask me in general what my opinion on Misyar marriage is even six months from now I would have looked point blank in your face, smirked and moved on. It is because I never thought highly of this kind of marriage.

What is misyar marriage?

A misyar marriage is a kind of secretive marriage that men in the kingdom and in countries where the Shariah is the law employ in order to marry a second time, mostly to avoid confrontation with the existing first wife or other familial and societal problems.

Is it wholeheartedly accepted?

Majority of the communities in the kingdom think that the practice is shameful and hinders the womenfolk’s right on her husband. However, if news and reports are anything to be believed, this system is definitely on the rise and steeply so!

But my outlook on it changed when I realized Ravoof, my friend is married this way:

Ravoof, 38, was married to Banu for ten years and they were issueless. Ravoof has been requesting Banu to adopt a child but she just cannot bring herself to do it. Ravoof is consumed with the fact that he would die issueless.

He met Asra through زواج مسيار. Asra was a divorcee then. Ravoof and Asra decided to marry each other the misyar way because she promised to waive off most of the rights of the husband. She also cooperated with Ravoof in the legality of the system and documentation and has undertaken in writing that she will not have a claim on Ravoof’s  property except to the extent of a maintenance amount which is set and is subject to revision from time to time.

In a year’s time, Asra gave birth to Ravoof’s child. It is five years now and the marriage is still a secret from Banu. Ravoof knows that if Banu comes to know about it she will not be able to take it in the right spirit and do something reckless to herself.