What Are Dental Adhesives Made of ?

In today’s world, many people suffer from many kinds of dental problem. Due to various dental issues many of them loses their tooth. In a very young age many people got operated and have removed most of the teeth. Thus, the loss of teeth affects the physical appearance of the person. As a life saver and a wonderful gift for these kind of dental problems is the venture of dentures. The dentures are nothing but, artificial teeth which can be replaced in the place of the removed tooth.

Denture Adhesive:

These dentures can be fixed and removed any time. It looks damn real and the opponent cannot differentiate between the original teeth and the dentures. These dentures are completely customized and made according to individual tooth fittings. These are generally provided by dentist. These are generally referred as the cosmetic dentistry.

When using these dentures the adhesive used for it to make a bonding between the gum and the dentures, plays an important role. If the dentures are fixed firmly, it increases the confidence and gives a secured feeling for the people wearing it. It is mandatory to choose the right adhesive like the sea-bond for a healthier and firmer fit and look.

The adhesives are made of poly-methyl vinyl ether-malevich anhydrade (PVM-MA) copolymer and sodium carboxy-methyl cellulose (CMC). Furher, sodium-calcium mixed partial salt, petrolatum, cellulose gum, mineral oil, flavour can be added to make polygrip substance. Most of the adhesive products contain zinc that provides greater strength  and grip of dentures.

These adhesive generally come as paste, powders and pads. Based on the peoples comfort and necessity the adhesive can be chosen. Generally the sea-bond adhesives are zinc free, very cushiony and provides a soft seal which holds the dentures firmly all the day.